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How to Build an Unbreakable Bond Between Mother and Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mother figures, big sisters, moms-to-be and dads filling both roles. Being a parent

Mint Roller: The Most Compact, Charming Tool to Depuff On the Go

The Skinny Confidential Mint Roller has made its debut.  May I just say, it’s the most adorable launch to date. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to gifting the Mother figures in our life something special, we want to do the MOST. Here

Running on Fumes? Here’s Exactly How To Look Less Tired

Let’s talk about sleep. Who doesn’t love a good sleep?  There are some days where all you wanna do is

Money Saving Tips For Couples

Money troubles with your partner? SAY LESS.  Finance is one of those things that can quickly become an issue in

How to Build a Personal Brand With Camille Moore

Branding. It’s something Lauryn has always been passionate about. Branding matters, your story matters and your product matters, too. But

Chicken Enchiladas For The Best Cinco De Mayo Meal Ever

If you follow Lauryn on Instagram, you already know that her assistant Katie kills it professionally and that she is

10 Self-Care Habits To Upgrade Your Life

My recent solo episode went live and keeping on theme with my last solo, tips to upgrade your morning, I

All My Storefronts, Links and Codes

You’ve heard me say before: we do not gatekeep at The Skinny Confidential. Always wanna be sharing what works for me

Seeing Red? Here’s How To Reduce Redness After a Chemical Peel

If you’ve ever gotten a chemical peel, you know the healing process takes a WHILE. And in the meantime, you’re

How Jordan Harper of Barefaced Started Her Brand

Barefaced is one of my favorite skincare brands that I’ve been using recently. The resuable eye pads are briliant. Amazing

Mold Free Bath Toys Your Kids Need

Did you know that the beloved yellow rubber ducky from your childhood was probably filled with mold? Yes, our hearts

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