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Running on Fumes? Here’s Exactly How To Look Less Tired

How To Look Less Tired

Let’s talk about sleep.

Who doesn’t love a good sleep? 

There are some days where all you wanna do is lie in bed and catch up on some z’s. We’ve ALL been there.

If you’re a busy bee, chances are you’re getting less sleep than you actually need.

But… we all know how important those 8 hours are. Good sleep = good health.

Sleep is the foundation of youth and productivity. So when you’re NOT getting enough sleep… things tend to get a little dicey. 

That constant exhaustion can have negative effects on your health, including your skin’s appearance, making it look dull and dry. So yes, there are many reasons to make getting a good night sleep your job, but in this post, we’re going to focus on appearances and how to wake up your face to make you look less tired.

Running on Fumes? Here’s Exactly How To Look Less Tired

Cleanse the night before.

We didn’t think we needed to say this, but just in case: you MUST cleanse your face every night before sleep. Even if it cuts into your beauty sleep, cleansing your face the night before is going to have you resting better and feeling better in the morning. The best way to cleanse is a double-cleanse, so see this post for a how-to.

Proper skincare overnight repairs and moisturizes your skin, ensuring a refreshed appearance in the morning.

Tape your mouth at night.

MOUTH TAPE can do so much for your health and beauty, like: 

+ strengthening and defining your jawline

+ giving you a stronger chin profile

+ brightening your eyes

+ increasing your energy

+ reducing snoring and bad breath

+ and yes, it can make you look less tired

You will have the deepest sleep of your life and wake up with so much more energy. Learn more here.

Sleep slightly upright.

Arranging your pillows so that your head rests slightly above the rest of your body can help ensure your face doesn’t get puffy overnight. This puffiness can lead to that “didn’t sleep well,” look, so beating your body to it by sleeping slightly upright can help you look more well rested.

How To Look Less Tired

Stay hydrated.

This step is E S S E N T I A L to, well, basically everything. Staying hydrated is the key to youthful-looking skin that can bounce back when you’re not getting sleep like you should. 

That’s why TSC mouth tape has that tiny hole at the center of the lips so you can take a drink throughout the night without removing it.

But when you’re behind on sleep, you may need some morning spa water to help you stay extra hydrated. Drink it on an empty stomach to help flush toxins out of your body first thing. Flushing toxins out can decrease inflammation that leads to puffiness and dryness. Lauryn always keeps one of these filled with Mountain Valley and nugget ice on her nightstand.


If you feel like you look tired, chances are that you’re noticing dull, grayish skin that is doing nothing for you. One way to wake up your face instantly is to exfoliate all that dead skin away.

When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells and other things that may be clogging your pores and you leave behind a bright, fresh canvas. Exfoliation also gets your blood flow going, which can bring a youthful flush to your face, helping you look well-rested and healthy. Lauryn’s favorite ways to exfoliate are by shaving her face, these peel pads and these toning pads (use code SKINNY for 15% off).

Ice roll.

This is one of our favorite steps in our skincare routine, and it’s so good for getting blood flowing to dehydrated skin cells. Thus, making your skin look bright and NOT tired.

It also can tighten up any areas of the skin that are swollen, like puffy eyes. Get to rolling with The Skinny Confidential ice roller anywhere that feels like it needs tightening! Here are some tips on how to use the ice roller on your face. And if you think you don’t have time to ice roll, think again. Mint Roller is ready to ship on May 9 and you can sign up to get notified right now. It’s your little self-care on-the-go companion. Anywhere you go, Mint Roller can go too.

What Does Ice Do To Your Face?

Try a facial polar plunge.

If you’re really needing a wake-me-up, try filling a bowl with ice water and dipping your face into it. Ice has so many benefits for your face. It works to constrict blood vessels, which in turn reduces puffiness, inflammation, and redness. 

Trying a polar plunge can really wake up your circulation as well, once again giving you a youthful glow after you’ve finished.

Use a depuffing and hydrating face oil.

Personally, we love the this depuffing oil because it’s designed to fight inflammation, cool the skin, and leave you looking PLUMP. Three things that can be hard to achieve when you haven’t had your beauty sleep.

When we get enough sleep, the processes that fight inflammation and boost collagen are able to work properly, meaning your skin looks full and fresh in the morning. This face oil can help you achieve almost that same look, even without the sleep you need. 

Use an eye cream or eye masks.

One of the areas that’s going to show the most signs of exhaustion are tired eyes. Tired eyes can lead to eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines around the eyes that show age more than they need to. And when you feel tired, you probably feel it most in your eyes. 

That’s why we need to wake them up. Using an eye cream can help soothe irritated blood vessels in the eye area and brighten the eyes for a more well-rested look. Lauryn loves these reusable patches by Barefaced (use code SKINNY) and these amazing ones by VREA. Keep them in the fridge for ultimate depuffing results.

Lauryn gym selfie

Use a dewy foundation.

If you’re trying to keep your skin looking fresh, matte foundation is NOT the move for you. Using a dewy foundation will even out your skin tone and give the appearance of hydration, leaving you looking like a glowy queen. This helps brighten your eyes and makes you seem more well-rested.

NEW Caffeinated Sunscreen by The Skinny Confidential is perfect for this. The glowy sheen it gives you is so dreamy. Lauryn often wears it without any makeup on top. It’s like skincare but with UV and blue light protection. Get it on subscription now before it sells out.

Try a light concealer in the corners of your eyes.

Once again, the area that shows the most “OMG, I’m SO tired!” is going to be your eyes. Our goal is to minimize that look as much as possible. Brightening up the corners of your eyes with a little concealer can actually go a long way to giving you that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed vibe. 

Keep makeup light.

We just spent all that effort making your skin look dewy and glowy, we don’t want to weigh it down with more makeup than necessary. Keep it light around the eyes, and opt for a blush rather than a bronzer. 

This way, you’re drawing attention to the refreshed parts of your face (a youthful flush), and NOT drawing the attention to the more obviously tired parts (potentially your eyes). Check out this post for more on the best no makeup makeup look.

What are your tips for keeping your sleepless nights a secret?

We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to keep our skin looking plump and dewy, but we’d love to hear more. Do you have a trick that works wonders for your skin? Let us know down below.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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