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Money Saving Tips For Couples

Money Saving Tips For Couples

Money troubles with your partner? SAY LESS. 

Finance is one of those things that can quickly become an issue in a relationship. ESPECIALLY when you don’t see eye to eye with your significant other. 

In fact, according to tons of research studies out there (like this one, this one, and this one), money (and sex) are often the #1 reason why couples argue. Don’t think this is true? Check out these studies to see for yourself.

And we know…you’ve all heard this a million times; BUT communication is key in any relationship.

Although it’s way easier said than done, misunderstandings about finances can easily be avoided when couple’s take the time to CLEARLY communicate about their financial goals.

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to run out and get a joint bank account or make any huge life changes. There are other actionable things you can do as a couple to prevent this issue. 

So, today we’re sharing some practical tips on how to save money as a couple. As well as how to avoid future misunderstandings about financial goals and live your best coupled life.

Let’s get into it.

Money Saving Tips For Couples

♡ Educate yourself about personal finance. 

Before you can expect to achieve ANY financial goal with your partner, you need to check your own finances. Like, what is your credit score? Do you have a high credit card bill? Are you focused on saving for retirement? And down to the simplest of things: Do you have your own savings account and know how to use it?

This also includes taking account of your personal spending habits and educating yourself about personal finance in general, BEFORE you get ready to set up  a joint account with your partner.

Not sure where to start? We got you. Start here. Then, grab a couple drinks, sit down with your partner, and listen to our recent podcast episode all about finance.

♡ Discuss financial priorities.

Now, it’s time to talk about your financial goals, personally and as a couple. Are you saving for a house? Paying off student loans? Saving for retirement? Or, are you trying to save money to start a business? Whether you’re life partners, a married couple or in some other type of relationship, you need to discuss goals. 

No matter the why, it’s important to communicate your financial goals with your partner. Even more importantly, it’s important to LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNER’S FINANCIAL GOALS as well. If you plan on moving forward as a team, both partner’s goals need to be considered. 

Make a list of your personal financial priorities, and have your significant other do the same. Then, compare, decide what’s most important based on what you can afford, and make a plan from there.

This step might require sacrifices and compromises. But there’s nothing wrong with a little delayed gratification. Because saving that money and getting one step closer toward your goal is going to feel SO GOOD.

♡ Divide the bills.

It’s not the 1800’s anymore. If you’re in a serious relationship, both you and your partner should be taking responsibility for bills. In reality, you both use electricity, water, gas, etc, and so you are both responsible for these costs.

So, add up all those mutual bills, and divide them. It can be half and half. Or, the right balance for your relationship. 

♡ Share the lease. 

If you and your partner plan on living together, consider sharing the lease. Sharing a lease can save each partner SO MUCH money, as opposed to living separately and continuously commuting back and forth.

This is, of course, only a step you want to take if you’re feeling confident in the future of your relationship as a couple. 

♡ Share one car.

Ok, if you have a very different schedule than your partner, this might not be an option. But, for some people, sharing a car is totally doable and can save you a TON of money.

Instead of spending money on two gas bills, two insurance bills, and two maintenance bills, you will just have ONE of each. Then, you and your partner can simply split the lesser cost and reap all the money saving benefits. 

♡ Share subscriptions.

When it comes to subscriptions, there is almost ALWAYS a discount when you add more people to the plan (as opposed to each person paying separately). So, are there subscriptions you and your partner could share?

Think Netflix, Hulu, HBOmax, Spotify, and so on. Consider changing to a family plan, adding an extra screen, etc. to save some money – rather than continuing to pay more for a service you both use. 

♡ Create a budget for other shared expenses.

Other than standard bills and subscriptions, there are other costs associated with being in a relationship. We’re talking groceries, date nights, gifts, and even money set aside for each individual person to invest in their self-care.

So, create a mutually beneficial budget for these things. One that both parties can stick to. Even if this means choosing cheaper date night options, getting into some grocery store couponing, and/or choosing quality time over expensive gifts, you’ll be that much closer to your financial goals. 

♡ Have regular discussions about finances.

Communication is key, remember? So, if you’re serious about saving money as a couple, you need to have open discussions about finances on a regular basis.

Let your partner know if things are going well, if you incurred an additional expense, or if there is something you were hoping to invest in. The more you talk about finances, the easier it will be to stack that cash. 

♡ Hold each other accountable.

If both you and your partner are committed to the money saving game, you should take steps to hold each other accountable. This means minimal to no hidden spending, and having regular check-ins about individual spending habits.

Schedule a weekly or monthly sit down to discuss your budget and overall goals. Then, work together to create an actionable plan to achieve those goals.  A lot of people think the 50/30/20 rule works well. 50% of your income is spent on needs, 30% toward wants, 20% toward saving. Whether you do this with your separate accounts or combined income, it’s sure to get your future financial goals on track.

♡ And most importantly, be there for your partner. 

It’s important to understand that things happen. Even with open communication and a strict budget, unexpected expenses are going to come up. And when they do, couples should have a plan in place to solve the issue.

A plan that starts with open communication, reasonable expectations, and a clear path forward. Remember, teamwork. Being a team is important.

Of course, all relationships are different.

So, if one partner is willing to take on a larger responsibility because the other is working on changing jobs, getting that promotion, or building a business – that’s one thing. However, if both are expected to pull their own weight, the financial responsibility can and should be divided. 

And by the way, it’s never too late to start saving. The sooner you apply these principles, the sooner you will see positive results. Both with your finances, and your love life. 

We really hope these money saving tips come in handy for you guys and gals, so let us know in the comments below which you found helpful. And, if you have any tips to add, drop those below too.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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  1. I’m a stay at home nursing mommy so it’s a lot different now. My husband brings home the bacon and I do my best to learn how to keep a house and take care of the choirs and food. They don’t teach this shit anymore and it’s 2022 and there still isn’t much support for working mothers who nurse. Anyways, my husband and I after many arguments have agreed… he pays for everything and I have a monthly spend allowance for basic things and I take care of the house . Kind of 1950s but no one is talking about this anymore. I try to support him and his business but I’m still building my dreams in the background when I have some time. Communication is key 🗝🔐

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