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Mint Roller: The Most Compact, Charming Tool to Depuff On the Go

The Skinny Confidential Mint Roller has made its debut. 

May I just say, it’s the most adorable launch to date. 

Think of it as your mini ice roller that fits in a clutch- take it anywhere really. She’s versatile. 

The Mint Roller is all the things- efficient, mini and goes wherever you go. It has an all aluminum roller that stays cold even without the fridge or freezer, all covered in buttercream and baby pink. Its compact size means you can just ask a flight attendant for a glass of ice and place it inside for a few minutes. BEYOND. 

Good things really do come in small packages.

The big ice roller travels well, especially in the Sleeping Bag, but the team and I wanted to create something that you could REALLY take on the go. With the Mint Roller you can romanticize the day, every day, at any time. 

When I had my double-jaw surgery and an ice roller was the only thing that actually helped the swelling I WOULD HAVE DIED to have a mini version like this to bring everywhere. The Skinny Confidential’s goal is to bring you products that help you be the best version of yourself wherever, whenever and however. 

Now there is no reason to skip your daily ice roll because you’re too busy. You can still practice self-care, contour, depuff and fit in your lymphatic drainage anywhere and everywhere. 

We created our bite-sized roller to be like a cute little cryo chamber for your face and just like the bigger version, it still has all the instant benefits. 


+ Reduces puffiness

+ Increases circulation

+ Restores radiance

+ Shrinks pores

+ Reduces redness

+ Firms the skin

+ Caps for each end to keep it clean and pristine


+ The V-shaped side is designed for precise contouring and sculpting of the jawline and cheekbones.

+ The smooth side is ideal for depuffing areas of the face like eyebrows and under eyes.

+ Always roll up the face, then down the neck to drain the lymph nodes. Feel free to also use it on razor burn, rashes, or post-surgery. We love multifaceted tools. 

Our baby pink roller gets extra icy and stays cold longer than any other roller. Think of the Mint Roller as an amuse-bouche to your skincare routine. 


Keep your roller in your handbag, on ice, in the freezer or in the fridge. Clean your Mint Roller with a lukewarm, soapy washcloth every few weeks.

The Mint Roller gets cold as ice, so roll on your wrist about 8 times to ensure it’s not too cold on the face if you’re pulling it out of the freezer. Feel free to store it in the fridge or anywhere else. The aluminum will stay naturally cold to the touch and you’ll still get all the contouring benefits.

Ice rolling is a good idea whenever it works for you. The second I wake up, you can find me ice rolling. Before my skincare and makeup, you can find me ice rolling. Lounging at a beach club with a champagne bucket, you can find me ice rolling. 

Now with the Mint Roller I’ll be ice rolling on my circadian walks with Townes, every single time I’m in a car, at the foot spa, at the park with my kids, you name it – my Mint Roller will be there. I mean, I’m planning to keep one in every single jacket pocket and handbag I have. Too much?



Time is currency and we all want to use it wisely. The Mint Roller saves time in your day by being compact, effective, easy to use and it helps you get on with your day without sacrificing your leisurely morning routine.

Throw it in your bag or pocket- use it in the car, at work, waiting for your kid’s ballet practice to end, you get it. Airplanes, road trips, the gym, a leisurely lunch break, walking to your car after Pilates, literally anywhere you go, the Mint Roller can go too. 

The facial massager and ice roller are still ELITE when it comes to deep, thorough facial massage and lymphatic drainage. The large, flat surface of the ice roller is so effective and the grip you get from the facial massage will get deeper into your muscles. Mint Roller was made for for self-care on the go, when you can’t fit it into your leisurely morning.

You should know that we had a limited number of Mint Rollers at Dear Media IRL available to purchase. We kept them in these cute nostalgic ice cream carts and they sold out in 15 minutes. So be sure to get yours right away.

Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. A launch like this always goes back to the community: like-minded beauty and skincare fanatics looking for the most efficient, skin tightening, preventative products to seamlessly fit into your routines. We got you. 

X, Lauryn and The Skinny Confidential team

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