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Kathy Griffin on Choosing Your Battles, the Trump Scandal and Surviving Cancer

Kathy Griffin The Him & Her Show

Last week, the one, the only Kathy Griffin was on The HIM & HER Show.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Kathy is a two-time Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian and is in the Guinness Book of World Record for the most number of aired television specials on any network. Her years in the industry as a female comedian are impressive to say the least.

In this episode she discusses her entire career journey, from roles on The Fresh Prince of Belair and Seinfeld, to Law and Order and X-Files to navigating the challenges of being a female comedian, and addressing the gender gap in the industry.

She also gets into what it was like being neighbours with Kim and Kanye, her openness about plastic surgery at a young age, her experience with addiction and her recent diagnosis with lung cancer.

Kathy is so open and honest in this episode, even sharing what it was like having a brother who’s a pedophile and the whole Trump scandal that destroyed her career.

Kathy Griffin on Choosing Your Battles, the Trump Scandal and Surviving Cancer

Key takeaways from the show:

Kathy’s note to her younger self: Choose your battles. Some are worth it, some aren’t. You need to know your lane & know when it’s worth a fight. You can choose who you work with and you can choose to work with people who are supportive. 

What she regrets: Kathy’s known for being extremely open and honest. Her brutal honesty has led to both good and bad consequences. Some of her decisions have led to her “cancellation,” but does she regret them? She discusses how intentions can be twisted in the sphere of the public eye. 

Gender politics: The gender gap is still alive and well. It’s evolved, but the unforgiving nature when it comes to women on top vs. the men on top is palpable. Women have to work twice as hard, and are attacked twice as hard. 

Other topics discussed:

What she regrets

Being investigated by the federal government

The picture that destroyed her career

Her relationship with Donald Trump

Coming up as a female comedian

The difficulties that women face today

How feminism has evolved

Being open about plastic surgery

What she’s learned about the industry

Kathy Griffin TSC podcast

Be sure to check out the entire episode with Kathy to hear more about her divorce, her experience with reality TV, her relationship with Joan Rivers and Prince Charles, and what she’s up to now. If you’ve already listened, what was your favorite part?

HINT: She’s playing an insane amount of venues with her current show My Life on the PTSD List so check it out and see if she’s coming to play in your town soon.

And if you’re looking for a new book to read, check out Kathy’s books and all her favorites here.

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