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My Favorite Pajama Brands

My Favorite Pajama Brands

Obsessed with pajamas. Who else? I love a good quality set and major bonus points if it’s a button up. You know that look? It’s chic, classic and comfy, which is why pajama style tops were all the rage not too long ago (and still).

Anyway, wanted to break down my favorite pajama brands of the moment. Personally, I like loose fitting pajamas because it helps with lymphatic drainage when you sleep. No one needs to be all sucked in and constricted when your body is meant to rest and rejuvenate.

My Favorite Pajama Brands:

Brûlé (use code SKINNY)

Kenzie Burke’s brand Brûlé has incredible loungewear that doubles as sleepwear. Think men’s boxer style shorts and cute boxy tees.


Skims really has it all. Lounge, pajamas, workout, casual, bras and undies. The Skims bras really work for me and I love their bodysuits too.


Just the best basics and loungewear if you ask me.

La Perla

If you want to get super bougie, or want to ask for something high end, these look amazing. Get the matching shorts too?

The Bar (I have this top & shorts)

The pink gingham set is one of my favorites. I wear it all the time, plus it’s cute for filming my morning routines for you.

Lauryn Favorite Pajama Brands


Not the biggest fan of Eberjey modal sets, but LOVE these indigo and white silk ones.

Big sale on Silky Silk right now! Highly recommend these ones.


Another great washable silk brand. You can choose from sets, night dresses and robes.

Lila Zizi

Pricey, chic, worth it if you ask me. So many fun designs but they’re still mature – and I mean that in the best way. I feel like Dorit has 20 pairs.

PJ Salvage

Shopbop has a huge selection of PJ Salvage pajama sets. Some are chic, some are kitschy, some are cute. No matter what style you go for these pajamas are comfortable and stand the test of time.

As you can see I tend to go for washable silk because it just feels so luxurious on the skin. Tell me what PJ brands you’re loving below. Always looking to add to my collection. You can never have to many. LOL.

Stalk everything here.

x, Lauryn

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