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To Drink Like Kris Jenner You Need These Bougie Cocktail Tumblers

Bougie Cocktail Tumblers

If you trust us on one thing, trust us on this: you need these glasses.

They’re timeless, classic, high-quality, luxurious and can turn lunchtime with your kids into happy hour at the King Cole Bar (as you can see from Lauryn’s picture, LOL).

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, or even if you just keep up with momager Kris Jenner, you may recognize these Baccarat Old Fashioned Tumblers. They’re her #1 vessel for all her cocktails, her favorite being vodka soda with lime and a Belvedere martini with olives. And we’re into both.

And when we say these glasses are timeless, we mean timeless. Check out how long Kris has been using them:

Kris Jenner baccarat glasses

Bougie Cocktail Tumblers

According to Lauryn, they really elevate your cocktail hour, or even your morning Athletic Greens and electrolytes. Every ritual, routine, or few minutes you take for yourself deserves A MOMENT. And Baccarat really takes it to the next level. We want to love everything around us and impeccable, crystal glassware in your home is something that will turn heads. (Plus, we got the inside scoop that Baccarat glassware is kept on tons of yachts for the most high class experience.)

Let’s normalize everyday luxury with our glassware, right? There’s no need to save it for special occasions or guests. Lauryn loves the Old Fashioned tumblers, but you can get any type of glass really:

+ shot glasses

+ martini glasses

+ high ball

+ everyday collection

+ wine glasses

+ Old Fashioned tumblers (Lauryn and Kris Jenner’s fave)

And while we’re here, with cocktails on our minds, we wanted to share Lauryn’s favorite cocktail lately, SEXED UP RANCH WATER. It’s just ice, 1.5 inch of blanco tequila, Pellegrino, an inch of lime juice and a lemon wedge. In the Baccarat tumbler, of course.

Now, if you’re looking for a gift to impress, one to really make an impact, these are the perfect thing. You can buy most of them in sets of 2, 4 or 6, and they really make a statement. Perfect for the holidays, anniversaries, housewarming or weddings. You really cannot go wrong with this gift.

Hope you loved this little tip to elevate all your beverages. Seriously, you’re going to feel so regal drinking out of these. Do you own any Baccarat glasses? How long have you had them? Let us know below.

As Kris Jenner says: Everything tastes better in a Baccarat.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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