A First-of-its-Kind 1/1 NFT Photography Auction and Exhibition

Discover and purchase groundbreaking work by over 50 members of the photographic arts community who are reimagining a future beyond traditional artistic boundaries.

We are thrilled to present Visions of the Future, an auction and exhibition showcasing some of the best up-and-coming talent within the photography NFT space, guest curated by a world-class panel of experts. 

Artists have always been at the forefront of cultural and technological shifts, their work an indication of change and what is to come. In a time of great uncertainty and rapid evolution, we asked artists to share what they envision for the coming decades. Discover more than 50 emerging artists from around the world who are exploring what the future might look like—near or far, utopian or dystopian.

Aglibol-Malakbel Realm by Boris Marinin

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Abderrahim El Asraoui’s work is anchored by the two bodies of water he grew up surrounded by—the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. He uses the boundaries between digital and physical creation to visualize constant movement towards the future. View profile

Alejandra Valdivia’s work refers to the irreplaceable phenomenon of human connection, and its significance in both the present and the future.

Alun Crockford chose motherboards as his representation of the future, intrigued by the risk of living life through computers at the expense of everything else. View profile

Baldemar Fierro creates a vision of presence, hope, and the beauty of life during times of social upheaval. View profile

Aglibol-Malakbel Realm
Boris Marinin
Reserve Price: 1 ETH

Boris Marinin creates original, ethereal work using Unreal Engine 5, taking his own approach to virtual reality.

Brooke Ashley Barone uses her work to highlight the ethereal, metaphysical cord that binds relationships together.

“My work aims to reveal the impact of scientific and technological advancements on the human condition, including the augmentation of our physical bodies, human sensory reception, and emotive and cognitive capacities.”

Artist Bryan Mew

Chris Suspect’s work explores the role of environmental change, anxiety about the climate crisis, what it means to be a human being on Earth, and personal responsibility for a planet in danger.

Christine Simpson’s work seeks to define the world we live in by visually contrasting a planet at the mercy of climate change with the reverence of beauty in all living things. View profile

“I feel as if we are in a retrograde, and the near future is in turmoil. Our puritanical politicians can only offer ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ as solutions to problems that erode our society.” 

Artist Dan Tague

Daniel Kukla predicts the impact of humanity on ecology and evolution in haunting black-and-white imagery.

David Dayag captured this time-lapse video of the sun’s surface from his backyard, using a specially modified telescope to achieve the remarkable result.

Dayle Ann Clavin believes hope will prevail in the future, using her work to capture a dancer taking a leap of faith. View profile

Dmytro Kupriyan’s project is about the human habitat, nature’s needs, and humanity’s tendency to intrude upon the natural world.

In Ed Eckstein’s view, the future doesn’t look hopeful at the moment. His work was created using the gelatin silver archival process. View profile

Ed Freeman sees a world beyond our terrestrial constraints through underwater photography, creating new and unique opportunities for unencumbered thoughts and movement. View profile

Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa captures a coastal Portuguese village that was once green and lush, where a surf shop now stands in an arid desert.

Taken in the Scottish Highlands, this photograph by Ellen Paige Leach juxtaposes forced code malfunction with untouched natural beauty to highlight the fragility of nature. View profile

Emilie Möri turned to a minimalistic color palette and central point of focus to emphasize the threat of our planet’s warming. View profile

Emmanuel Maxwell Chinoye depicts the complexity of the human mind, which is extraordinary, quiet, and still. View profile

Enda Burke introduces humor and contrast in his “Homebound with My Parents” series, depicting a hope and optimism for the future represented by 3D glasses.

Entung Liu’s work is part of a series of performative actions with staged photographs and videos made in 2021 that question the definition of a person’s existence itself.

Federico Bebber’s work poses a question: “When love is faced with an uncertain future, does it still stand a chance?” View profile

Francesca Fini produced her work by guiding a neural network, and interpreting a self-portrait taken during a rehearsal of her iconic “Eternal Tree” performance work. View profile

Limited Edition Phygitals

As part of the project, collectors are offered a one-of-a-kind “phygital”—physical and digital—art experience. Each work featured in Visions of the Future will be produced in a physical limited edition of 3 framed prints. 

1 edition will be redeemable by the first holder of the NFT; the other 2 editions may be redeemed through the end of January 2023 by any subsequent holders of tokens bought on the secondary market.

Limited editions will be produced by Saatchi Art through our partners Bay Photo for prints and Infinite Objects for video NFTs.

Garett Wood depicts two ravens finding use of a withered tree in Southern California, a sign of climate impacts still to come. View profile

Igor B. Glik envisions a challenging future based on the contradictions of modern comforts and resource availability. View profile

Iryna Vlasiuk depicts the through-line between nature and humanity, as each one continually influences the other.

Jean-Marie Gitard’s work satirizes a resource-scarce future, depicting the last elephant on Earth receiving a check-up far away from the Savannah he once called home. View profile

Celebrated aerial photographer Jin-Woo Prensena captures the ancient grandeur of the Namib desert, offering viewers many interpretations of the future of humankind. View profile

Jirawat Plekhongthu’s work is inspired by the graceful complexity of the Betta fish he raised with his father, tapping into his imagination to visualize fluid movement. View profile

Flower Blocks’s work takes a look at preserving the beauty of flowers, by allowing hem to be viewed in a unique manner. Each flower is hand-picked by the artist.

Jonathan Ducrest’s photograph envisions a stark future where water is increasingly difficult to come by by capturing a former water park in the Mojave Desert. View profile

Joshua Benmore captures the wide range of possibilities the future offers in one striking image. View profile

Juliana Rodriguez depicts the future for a mermaid who lives in a land of garbage, contemplating the loss of the now-extinct sea through a television screen. View profile

Keith Bernstein’s work depicts a movie extra in Bucharest, Romania, and focuses on how these performing artists have none of the luxury given to the leads, but are always a few feet away from stardom. View profile

Kristopher Grunert’s work is a composite image of eight exposures captured in Death Valley. The final result both objectifies and embodies light, serving as a reminder that the journey itself is the destination.

Lisa Isa Osepaishvili’s work focuses on contradictory feelings, the emptiness of modern life, daily global connections, the influence of technology on female beauty, and more. View profile

Lucrezia Testa investigates the process of transhuman metamorphosis, surveying time’s landscape and challenging the viewer to new psychic and interactive insights. 

Mackenzie Duncan examines the push and pull relationship between human behavior and the natural world with his profoundly metaphorical work. View profile

Marc Ward’s work encourages us to consider the questions: “When we venture out into the galaxy, what will we find? Will we find successful civilizations? Or, will we find remnants of past worlds that failed?” View profile

Marisa White captured this image during a trip to Namibia, depicting the peace and necessity of a life lived in symbiosis with the land and stars. View profile

Marlies Plank presents a conceptual photography approach that uses abstract installations to represent the female form, posing the question of whether the world would be different in female hands. View profile

Miiickey Madu envisions a future where we look within ourselves to know what we actually are, apart from what we have been told we are or have been conditioned to become by society. View profile

Natalia Shlyakhovaya depicts her surreal experience traveling after the pandemic, finding that a normally crowded island was completely deserted.

Ryan Schude explores the intersection of photography and installation, capturing striking visuals in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Artistic duo Synchrodogs have taken the NFT world by storm with their boundary-moving approach to photography, encapsulated by this exclusive work.

Vinay Jalla was inspired by this year’s heat wave in the UK to create his aptly-titled work. View profile

Virginia Zanetti explores the concepts of rebirth and revolution through revision. View profile


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Artists were carefully chosen by a panel of curators, artists, and creative thought leaders. All selected pieces demonstrated an understanding of the artist brief, technical skill, and an overall exceptional quality of work.

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