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The Breakfast Tray That Will Fulfill All Your Wildest Fantasies

I saw Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm using a chic breakfast tray so I went & bought a chic breakfast tray.

No but really. I saw Patricia being brought a white wicker breakfast tray in bed with a hard boiled egg in an egg cup, with some toast & the newspaper. I immediately knew my Saturday & Sunday mornings needed to be filled with this situation. I mean, I even have my own Michael. What could be better? I’ve shared this breakfast tray on Instagram Stories & it’s been a hot topic ever since so I felt like it needed it’s on post just because it’s such a gem. Everyone needs this in their life.

Before we get into it, you should know I have two trays. One is a pink laptop tray that I use to protect my vagina & legs from my computer ( radiation is a real thing in my opinion & I just don’t want it touching my legs ). So the hot pink tray was used for eating breakfast initially, but it just wasn’t sturdy enough for an egg & mimosa situation. When I saw Patricia’s tray I had to adjust. So now there’s my radiation blocker pink tray & my breakfast tray. It’s so chic & something you want to put a vintage vase on with a rose. It’s very Victorian-esque & everything you want in a breakfast tray. It holds a magazine, book/magazine or newspaper in the side, it’s white, goes with everything & supports a whole French Toast setup if you’re feeling it.

If you’re feeling hot & romantic you could always bring your significant other breakfast in bed, but I prefer to be the one having breakfast brought to them.


♡ Reason #1

Imagine yourself maybe a little hungover on a Saturday morning in bed. Your significant other asks what you’d like for breakfast & you tell them specifically, but then you have to get out of bed & actually sit at the table. Which, lets be honest, is kinda a bitch if you have a tequila headache. How much better is it if you could just have everything in bed so you don’t have to lift a finger while you read your book? ( Currently in my breakfast tray, Martha Stewart’s biography Just Desserts. ) Personally, I’m a fan of streamlining things & this breakfast tray does just that.

♡ Reason #2

If it’s a birthday or celebration you could Postmate everything to the house. Take a hard-boiled egg, some pancakes, some berries & fresh orange juice, put it all on some nice china, throw it on a breakfast tray & bring it to the bedroom. Add in a back massage when your significant other finishes the newspaper & there you have it. What a gift!

♡ Reason #3

Let me set the scene. You’re sick, maybe you have a cold or a cough, you don’t feel like getting up, who does when you feel like shit. How good does a matzah ball soup with a cup of fresh mint tea or a hot toddy & a silk eye mask sound? I know it sounds even fucking better if it’s served to you on a  breakfast tray. Think of all the options you have here. I mean this breakfast tray is very necessary.

Also be sure to invest in a pink service bell to get your significant other’s attention. This is very important because you don’t want to use your precious vocal cords to get their attention.

It’s really fun to read on this breakfast tray, but as I said, you can also use it as a laptop stand to block radiation, & of course you could just use it to enjoy watermelon mimosas in bed. If you’re like me & sometimes like to work from bed ( I’m a big fan of writing in bed ), this is a perfect little work station. You can put your planner in the side & have something hard to write on while you sip your unsweetened almond milk latte ( just don’t forget your silicone straw ).

Anyway if Patricia Altschul has something then I know I have to look into it. That woman’s taste is incredible. If you haven’t read her book The Art of Southern Charm then you are literally missing out on life. She shares so many good tips & I’ve learned so much from her. From what thank you cards to buy to the chicest linens to how to throw a soiree or the best breakfast tray that needs to be happening every Sunday- or in her case, every morning. OMIGOD GOLD.

Alright if you need me I’ll be in bed in bed with my egg cup, my pink bell to get Michael’s attention, my latest book & breakfast tray. Is there another item like this that I need to streamline my life? PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

With love from bed,

x, lauryn

+ check out my morning spa water recipe here.

++ listen to everything you need to know about Patricia Altschul on the podcast.


  1. this breakfast tray is beyond chic! I love the wicker detailing & section for books. One thing I decided we need & working on and y’all totally do too is a “hot beverage station” but in the bedroom so like: a cute wicker bar cart, teas etc, chic mugs, & portable kettle situation so that you don’t have to leave bed for tea… kinda like how hotel rooms have! x Shannon

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