Saatchi Art Celebrates ITS ANNIVERSARY

Since 2010, Saatchi Art has been the best place to discover and buy art by top emerging artists from around the world. In the last 13 years, we have transformed the lives of over 100,000 artists in more than 140 countries by selling their works to art lovers around the world. 

We hope you will continue to join us in transforming the lives of thousands of talented artists around the world.

Best of Saatchi Art: Collector Favorites

Flowers 4 U
Daniel Bautista
Saatchi Art collectors have supported thousands of emerging talents worldwide over the past 13 years. Discover a selection of exceptional artists whose styles and perspectives have stood out over the years.
Ostel Bay III, Scottish Highlands
Lynne Douglas
Be Yourself, Not Perfect.
Bollee Patino
Evening Sun
Ieva Baklane

In 2023, 16,550 Artworks Sold and Shipped to 80 Countries 

Sky Dragon Flying High
Yeachin Tsai

Best of 2023

Bone Form 2
Nicola Godden
This year has seen a rise in digital art, a reinterpretation of fabric arts, and a continued fascination with figuration and abstraction. Uncover the diverse expressions and extraordinary visions that have emerged in 2023.
Artworks Sold


Best of
Rising Stars

Jay Chung

Our annual Rising Stars list reveals recent art school graduates poised to shape the future of contemporary art. See where some of the curators’ favorite artists are now.
Julien Spianti

Assisted 235 Recent Art School Graduates Start Their Art Career

Piotr Szczur


Best of
The Other Art Fair

Cala d’Or 2022
Madeleine Gross
Tapping into the local art scene of each city, The Other Art Fair unearths hundreds of up-and-coming and independent artists to watch each year. Meet artists spanning from LA to Sydney that have caught the attention of Saatchi Art curators.
Venus and a Setting Snow Moon From February 6
Steven Page Prewitt

7,670 Independent Artists Have Sold 75,000 Artworks

Chad Goei


$ 0
Summer Afternoon
Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen
Prints from $69
Délicates Beautés
Chantal Proulx
Prints from $50

Best Fine Art Print Artists

Embodiment 04
Santhosh C H
Prints from $46
Some of our bestselling artists have provided collectors an opportunity to collect their work in different materials and mediums at an affordable price point. Explore top museum-quality prints that rival their originals.

Best of Interior Design

The Infinite City
Federico Cortese

Working alongside some of the best interior design and architecture firms, our Hospitality Art Advisors infuse emerging art into the world’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Discover the contemporary artists who have brought our team’s favorite projects to life.

Yellow Lake
Viet Ha Tran

In 2023, Our Hospitality Art Advisors Have Worked With 370 Artists on 167 Commercial Projects

Big Blue Squish
Lali Torma


Armonia (11-4)
David Skillicorn


Abstract art remains one of the most sought-after art styles amongst Saatchi Art collectors year after year. Discover the expressive gestures and evocative forms that make abstraction so compelling.

Lights and Shadows
Tashi Taten



Over the centuries, artists have reimagined landscapes in every art style, from high-contrast Dutch pastoral scenes to the swirling brushstrokes of the post-Impressionists. Uncover the genre’s universal allure with contemporary interpretations of the natural world.

Space Age
Adam Norgaard


With the ability to act as a mirror to ourselves or offer escapes into other realities, figuration is a powerful reminder of the enduring connection between art and the human experience. Explore portraits our curators love for their unique perspectives.

Hat 2
Guillaume Girardot


Timeless and ever-evolving, the nude is a classic subject matter often revisited for its ability to reflect emotion, sensuality, and the contemporary moment. Explore traditional black-and-white photography and striking realistic paintings depicting the naked body.